Cookie geology

Cookie rocks


Pop quiz, you guys: what happens when you try to make risotto and cookies at the same time, while also mentally doubling your cookie recipe?  At least one crash and burn (fun fact – my risotto was al dente and delicious and generally ON POINT).quartz

Who screws up making cookies from their own blog?  I do.  I ended up making some delightfully fragrant rocks.  One batch was supposed to be for my proposal team at work, and one was supposed to be for my supervisor who is recovering from surgery, but I’m pretty sure that these would send her back to the hospital, or at least to the dentist.

Evidence suggests that I made a miscalculation with regards to my leavening agents.

public-enemy_1271069243♫ Music pairing: harder than you think. ♫

Click to listen: Public Enemy – “Harder than you Think”

Chuck D, Flavor Flav, and Professor Griff know exactly what is up with this batch of cookies.



  • Don’t screw it up.


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